Shooting Photos and Roaming the Streets All Over The World

Photo Credit: Miguel Turner & Javíer Garcia


After having spend most of my teenage years hanging out in skateparks or roaming the streets on BMX, one day I found out that half of the time was now used filming or shooting photos. The love for taking pictures and editing small movies had come sneaking up on me.

And even though my parents disagreed with me leaving school at age 17 to pursue the dream of being a professional photographer, I managed to take off. And after studying in Málaga at the Photo School, Apertura, add to that thousands of images and long nights editing videos, I ended up receiving a diploma saying that I was now officially a professional photographer...

So now it´s time to start, and by taking one step at the time shooting various sport events, commercial images, portraits, promotion and advertising images for web and print, I hope that one day I will be able to live the dream living form doing what I love: shooting photos and roaming the streets on my BMX all over the world!

Mikkel M.